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3 Ways to Use Twitter Spaces

3 Ways to Use Twitter Spaces

Audio is making another comeback as a content medium for social media marketing. With the popularity of Clubhouse, the audio social network and chat platform, other social networks are experimenting with audio-only features including Facebook Rooms and Twitter Spaces.

If you are looking for fresh ways to use Twitter, Twitter Spaces could be a viable option. Spaces can be created and hosted on Twitter’s mobile app for both iOS and Android devices but can be accessed for listening-only on the web version. Spaces can be started immediately or scheduled for later so you can choose when you want to broadcast live.

Twitter Spaces are public, meaning anyone can join as a listener, including people who don’t follow you on Twitter. Listeners can be directly invited into a Space in several ways:

  • Tweeting out a link to the Space.
  • DMing them a link to the Space.
  • Sharing a link on any other online platform.

Up to 13 people, including the host and two co-hosts, can speak in a Space at any given time. The rest of the attendees are in the "audience" listening in but can be invited to speak by a host or co-host.

How can a business use Twitter Spaces?

As with any platform you use to communicate, Twitter Spaces can help your company attract attention and followers as well as build your brand and reputation. You can leverage the audio content from conversations you hold in Twitter Spaces by promoting it on Twitter and any other platform you use.

Here are three ways you can use Twitter Spaces to promote your business:

1. Showcase Your Expertise

If you have information to share, you can do this by holding Q&A sessions live on Spaces. You can field the questions coming to you live from your audience or have a moderator guide the discussion and invite participation from attendees. You can also share the spotlight by inviting co-hosts or additional speakers or panelists to join in on the conversation.

2. Announce or Promote Something

Are you launching a new product? Offering a special or discount? Use Twitter Spaces as another outlet for getting the word out. You could format the conversation like a press conference and invite the media to attend. Or you can simply use the platform to augment other promotional tactics to reach a Twitter audience.

3. Gain Consumer Insights

Looking to get more direct feedback from consumers in general or from your customers? Invite them to get candid in a Twitter Space conversation. Get to know your customers better or find out what consumers are looking for from your company. Because this type of conversation is uncensored, be prepared to navigate challenging conversations in a transparent and respectful manner.

If you’re comfortable with radio or podcasting, Twitter Spaces could be a seamless addition to your social media marketing mix. The best way to get started with Spaces is to attend Spaces hosted by others to get a sense of the variety of formats and how conversations are moderated and managed.

What’s on the Horizon for Twitter Spaces?

Twitter is testing an option for hosts to create Ticketed Spaces where listeners can gain exclusive access to the conversations. This option will provide a limited number of seats and the ability to charge a fee to join the conversation.

Another feature that is being tested is Clipping. Hosts, speakers, and listeners can capture 30 seconds of audio from any live or recorded Space and share it through a tweet if the clipping function is enabled. This feature is rolling out so may not be available to all Spaces.

As with any newly added feature on a social network you’re using, go through the strategic decision-making steps of thinking about your business goals and objectives, understanding your audience and how they want to hear from you, and determining if you have the resources to manage a new communications channel. If you know your target market or current customers are on Twitter, Spaces is a new way to reach out, interact, and provide a new way to communicate with them.

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