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Getting to Know the New Facebook Page Experience

Getting to Know the New Facebook Page Experience

In mid-2022, Facebook began requiring that all Facebook Pages convert to the "New Facebook Page Experience." While it can be challenging to keep up with new features or modifications to your social media accounts, understanding what has changed is important so you know how to adapt your social media marketing practices accordingly.

On your newly revamped Facebook Page, you still can access the following commonly used features:

  • Your Facebook Feed, Stories, Groups, Events, and your Facebook Inbox
  • Instagram account linking
  • Page insights
  • Facebook advertising and monetization
  • Page followers
  • Page management with access for multiple team members
  • Post scheduling is accessible through the Meta Business Suite and Facebook’s Creator Studio.

So, what’s new and different?

  1. Profile Switching - You can now manage your Page and your personal profile separately and more easily switch between the two. If you still have not switched your {age over to the new {Page view, you will only see it while you are logged into your personal Facebook profile. Otherwise, you manage your new Page view through your Page’s "profile," not your own.
  2. Page Likes - This is important: If a user likes your Page and is also a follower, they will still receive your Page posts in their News Feed. If they only like your Page but are not following it, they will no longer see the Page’s posts once the switch is made. Now is the time to encourage anyone who has liked your Page to also follow it.
  3. Page Mentions - When someone mentions your Page, that will be given more prominence under a new, dedicated tab called Mentions Your Page.
  4. Page Feeds - You can now follow other Pages as your Page giving you two different feeds - one more relevant to your business and one more relevant to your personal interests.
  5. Page Roles - The old Page roles for your team members giving them specific access, such as Editor or Admin, are gone. Now there are two levels of access: Full Access or Task Access which is only partial access. If you are giving Task Access, you can choose from the following, according to Facebook’s Meta Business Help Center:
    • Content:Create, manage, or delete posts, Stories, and more. Respond to comments and update Page information.
    • Messages:Send and respond to direct messages as the Page, and other functionality in Inbox.
    • Community Activity:Review and respond to comments, remove unwanted content, and report activity on the Page, etc.
    • Ads:Create, manage, and delete ads, and other ads-related tasks.
    • Insights:See how the Page, content, ads, and other metrics perform.

The "Publishing Tools" section of your Page may not be available when your Page switches over to the new view. Here are things you may no longer see:

  • Jobs
  • Appointments
  • Offers
  • Reviews
  • Check-ins

Double-check your Page contact information, bio, and descriptions. Go into your Page’s About section to see and update as needed. You may also find some Stories missing from your Story archive. Some of these issues may be resolved while others may not.

Change can be confusing, but if you take the time to go through your Page and re-acquaint yourself with both existing and new features, you’ll be back on track in no time!

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