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Expand Your Mind in 2019

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  • Expand Your Mind in 2019
    As an entrepreneur or businessperson you want to surround yourself with people can help you grow. Being in a peer group can be very beneficial and make you a better businessperson.... more
  • It's Just Around the Corner
    Setting and achieving your business and personal goals takes a commitment of time to plan and time to review where you are. Work on your goals one at a time and review frequently to see how you are doing.... more
  • Old Meets New
    You do not need a big advertising budget to get your business and your product noticed. There are many creative ways to produce results. A mix of old and new ways will help.... more
  • Setting Goals is Only the First Step
    Setting goals will push you and your team to achieve things you might not have thought possible... more
  • Ready to Launch?
    By paying attention to the details of your business from the very beginning, you automatically increase your probability of success!... more
  • Praise and Raise
    Bringing value to the company, proving yourself as a hard-working and consistent contributor to a company is what would qualify someone to get a raise.... more
  • Planning to Lead
    Your business needs a plan in order to succeed, and so do the leaders running it.... more
  • Mistakes and Solutions
    Most lessons taught are learned from mistakes. Leadership skills come with many positive qualities but that does not mean you will not make mistakes, sometimes huge ones.... more
  • The Common Denominators
    Be a true team player! Treat your team well and they will reciprocate by delivering their best work. Be part of the team, not just the boss.... more
  • Your Team's Financial Health
    Choose a financial wellness plan that will bring lasting success to the financial lives of your team members.... more
  • It's All In How You Handle It
    Fear happens to all of us. As a leader, you need to be able to learn how to handle it without letting it control you.... more
  • Improve Your Business and Yourself in 2018
    Want to be successful? Have a plan, write down your goals and stick to them.... more
  • Non-traditional Benefits Show You Care
    Benefits come in many forms. If you can't afford the traditional benefits then go with a little more human kindness.... more
  • You have Got to Learn to Walk Before You Can Run
    Start small. Have your plans in place, along with your finances, and follow some simple steps to help you become a success.... more
  • Sharpen Your Entrepreneurial Edge
    When you surround yourself with amazing people doing incredible things, something quite unbelievable happens — you end up being just like them.... more
  • Young Companies and Marketing Budgets
    There are many questions you probably have when starting your own small business like how much money to budget for marketing.... more
  • What Really Matters?
    Every business owner wants to take their company and team to incredible heights. Doing so can be done a lot simpler if you follow these six concepts... more
  • Get a BHAG!
    Success is not always about reaching your goal. If you strive towards your BHAG you will find yourself pushing in the right direction.... more
  • Reports That Can Save Your Company
    The key to good accounting practices is being able to read financial reports.... more
  • Take Control of Your Day
    By organizing and prioritizing your daily tasks you will be amazed at how much productive you can be.... more
  • Being A Leader Within Your Community
    Leadership opportunities do not happen just at work; they are all around you. All you have to do is choose one and start making a difference!... more
  • Leadership Lessons From The Greats
    This article compares NFL coaches to entrepreneurs, showing the similar traits both should possess. In order to succeed, you need to identify the problems, be open to change, and have patience.... more
  • Get Noticed!
    When it comes to marketing in this era, get the most bang for your buck. Utilize social media, start a referral program and give your clients the ultimate in customer service.... more
  • Have a Generous Spirit This Holiday Season
    Simple acts of generosity and kindness can have positive effects on a person's spiritual and physical well-being, as well as your business. Being generous is a hallmark of people who live successful lives and who operate business with soul.... more
  • Making Business Goals Work
    As a small-business owner, setting goals is a vital part of your job description.... more
  • The Work-Life Balancing Act
    You have to put as much focus on yourself and your family as you do your business. Too much of one will only lead to not enough of the other.... more
  • Becoming a True Servant Leader
    To become a leader within your business you must follow a few guidelines that are required to obtain the loyalty of your team and employees. Fanatical integrity, interacting and listening, and thinking of others are key concepts towards winning over the loyalty of your team.... more
  • Learning From Your Mistakes
    You willmake mistakes in business and in life. But making mistakes and learning from them is crucial to winning. Never let mistakes hold you back, and never give up. The wealth of knowledge you'll gain as result will be very valuable and will help you and your business...... more
  • A Cure for the Summertime Blues
    To avoid business and employees becoming slow during the summer time, keep your team moving. Conduct evaluations, check out the competition, network, socialize and require employees to read. It will keep them on their toes and their brains active.... more
  • Money Isn't Everything
    Creating an excellent overall compensation plan will help you profit more in all areas by attracting and keeping talented and passionate people.... more
  • The Benefit of Benefits
    Attracting the best people for your business typically requires offering an appealing benefits package. By following the three R's of Recruiting, Retaining, and Retirement your small business will thrive since you have been able to obtain and keep the best.... more
  • Rejuvenate yourself and your business
    With a bit of planning, your time off can be as beneficial for your business as it is for you.... more
  • Empower Your Team In 2016
    If you are dreaming of being a great success story, just remember that dream would be a nightmare without a great team behind you. Dave has ideas on how to make your dream a reality.... more
  • Four Ways to Start The New Year Right
    Write down your goals for the new year and start to make them a reality.... more
  • Live Intentionally And Win
    Welcome to 2016, and with the New Year, why not replace the word resolutions with goals' What is the difference? Let's ask Dave.... more
  • Make Time To Grow
    If you are trying to grow your small business, you may want focus first on growing yourself as a business leader. Dave has some great tops.... more
  • Telling Time Where To Go, What To Do
    If you think the idea of time management is a waste of your time, think again. Here's how time management can change your professional and personal life.... more
  • Creating an Awesome Atmosphere
    When you create a team that loves being together and coming to work every day, everyone win.... more
  • Your Raise Is Effective When You Are
    Are all your employees entitled to an automatic pay raise? Dave does not necessarily think so but says for those who are, just do it!... more
  • Just Starting Out
    So, you have decided to start working for yourself and start your own business. Fantastic! However, you need to be ready for lots of research, planning, and thinking the whole idea through. We can help.... more
  • Busting the Business Debt Myth
    Who says you cannot start a new business without lots of debt? Dave does not so let's see why... more
  • Dream It, Achieve It
    If you want your business to achieve its full potential, then you need to stop talking and dreaming and start doing. Here is how.... more
  • Conquering the Fear of Failure
    Running a business can be scary. You put your heart and soul into your company and cannot imagine doing anything else.... more
  • Enhance Communication With Your Team
    Communication with your team should be attempted early, often and should be an everyday requirement on all levels in the workplace.... more
  • Resolve to be a better leader in 2015
    If you are worried because you are not a born leader, stop worrying. You are not born a leader, you grow into it. Here is how.... more
  • Quality Versus Size
    If your small business is competing with the big boys, focus on better service and better team members to get into the game.... more
  • Spouses Do Not Make Good Employees
    Why hiring spouses is NOT the best idea for your business.... more
  • Expensive Lesson Learned
    If you've got a client who didn't pay his bills, and has insufficient assets, it's time to put on your Sherlock Holes attire.... more
  • Re-ignite the Fire
    Some tips on how to keep your sales force energized even after set goals have been met... more
  • Dave's Start in the Business
    Did you initially offer free counseling to help build a reputation?... more
  • Cash Reserves Are Important
    How important is it for a small business to have some kind of cash reserve?... more
  • Quit Small Business for New Job?
    I would suggest trying this new job, but keep a few of your customers and see if you can do the work on weekends.... more
  • Even Band Partnerships are Bad
    Partnerships are a tough business entity when it comes to avoiding the personal and professional drama that comes along with owning a business with friends.... more
  • Buy the Building?
    Should you buy real estate to conform to your business or conform your business to your current location? Evaluate all factors before making your decision.... more
  • Client Is Out of Bounds
    Your business accepts cash or check only. A potential customer wants to use a credit card and is angry you won’t do it What to do? Dave has the answer.... more
  • Married to an Entrepreneur
    If you and your spouse are different personality styles, you can use the differences to help one another succeed. Dave has more on this.... more
  • Tithing on a Business?
    Should businesses tithe? We have some insights into the feasibility of applying that Christian giving tradition to your business profits.... more
  • You’re Either In, Or You’re Out
    If you are thinking about starting a new business, and hiring a manager to run it while you stay at your current job, think again!... more
  • Setting Up a Small Business Emergency Fund
    Have a separate account for retained earnings and let that serve several of your business needs, including the need to stay out of debt.... more
  • Starting Small
    The best, most successful businesses do not outrun their money and other resources!... more
  • Do Employees Need to Know?
    Sharing things with employees makes for a close-knit workplace,. However, when it comes to showing the books, you are just asking for trouble there... more
  • What Is a Free Market?
    The question is what is a free market. The answer is simply when buyers and sellers can do business with little government regulation.... more
  • The Family Business
    When acquiring a business with other people, you need to separate the ownership role from your operational roles.... more
  • Superstar Salesman
    Find something that works for someone else in your same industry, and apply it to your situation.... more
  • Borrowing Against a 401(k) is Dumb
    Help your team to be in control of their finances.... more
  • Team Reading
    Encourage your team to be on the same page. A common book for the team can lead to a common goal.... more
  • Handling Social Media
    Outshine the negative reviews with your own powerful and persuasive marketing.... more
  • A Farming Budget
    Budgeting is crucial for running a business. Take into consideration, your profits, loss and debt.... more
  • Building a Mission Statement
    When writing your mission statement, be sure to write one that is impactful to both you and your clients.... more
  • Managing a Cottage Industry
    In order to keep a side business small, be selective of your clientele.... more
  • The Business-Starting Baby Step
    When is it the right time to start a small business? Some feel it is when you are out of debt.... more
  • Silent Partners Aren’t Silent
    Here are some reasons why your small business should not have any new, silent partners.... more
  • Prevent a Partnership
    Forming a business partnership with a friend could be disastrous.... more
  • Put On The Professional Hat
    When dad is no longer working at the family business, it is time to end his salary and set up a profit distribution plan. Here is how to do it.... more
  • Firing A Rock Star
    Before firing an employee, make sure you understand what is changed his performance, and let him know what needs to improve or else.... more
  • Fair Is Not Equal
    Performing the same job does not have to mean receiving the same salary.... more
  • Handing Down the Business
    What is the best way to make this transition, handing down the business to family members?... more
  • Vendors and Baby Steps
    That is planning debt and riding on the backs of your vendors. And that is no way to run a business!... more
  • Office Location Doesn’t Matter Here
    Dave gives his advice on office location.... more
  • Assessing Prospective Renters
    Dave gives tips for selecting good renters.... more
  • Just an Idea, or Your Calling?
    Dave talks about knowing when you’ve found your true calling when it comes to business.... more
  • Balancing Business and Personal
    Dave gives his advice on how to find a balance between work and home.... more
  • Is Multi-Level About Money?
    Dave gives his advice on business.... more
  • Being the Tortoise Is Fine
    Is the opportunity worth the risk?... more
  • Do You Really Want to Sell?
    Dave gives advice on whether or not selling your business is the best idea.... more
  • A Partnership Does Not Sail
    A partnership is always a bad idea.... more
  • Limiting the Liability
    I ’m considering paying off the property and implementing an LLC to limit my liability.... more
  • When a Hobby Becomes a Business
    In your opinion, how do you know when a hobby officially becomes a business?... more
  • Now, You Are One
    I got married in May, and my wife brought student loan debt into the marriage.... more
  • Getting Started As a Stock Broker
    You always want as much information as possible before making a career decision.... more
  • Take Part-Time Job While Trying to Launch Business?
    I think your best bet is to get out there and work yourselves silly to find more accounts and generate revenue.... more
  • Being Paid from Vendor Who's Going Bankrupt?
    One of my customers in the restaurant business owes me $9,000 for equipment purchases. I just got a notice in the mail that they're in the process of filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy.... more
  • Are Business Budgets Like Personal Budgets?
    Should you do your small-business budget the same way you do your household budget?... more
  • Margin Doesn’t Dictate Price
    Would you consider it a bad business practice to charge your customers twice the amount you paid a contractor to do the work?... more
  • When in Doubt, Overshare
    I'm going to sell my business, and I've lined up a prospective buyer. When should I tell my employees?... more
  • Forming the Right Comp Plan
    I'm a personal trainer. Last year, I bought into a franchise and have done a good job of building it up since then.... more
  • Making the First Hire
    I’m running my own business as a sole proprietor, but the place is growing beyond my capacity to handle it alone.... more