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Should ChatGTP Take Over the Writing Duties in Your Business?

Should ChatGTP Take Over the Writing Duties in Your Business?

A relatively new artificial intelligence (AI) technology is known as "natural language processing" (NLP). That, combined with deep learning which machines are now able to do has brought about a revolutionary conversational AI system known as ChatGPT. This technology creates human-like conversation, understanding user input, generating meaningful responses and keeping conversations going.

Consider the amount of time you or your employees spend in your business thinking up, writing out, editing and generating written communication. There’s often hesitation to adopt new technology - especially that which uses AI. If ChatGPT could take over the reins and become your company’s wordsmith, would you let it? Would you trust it? Let’s take a look at its capability to help you decide.

Customer support - Conventional chatbots have become ubiquitous in answering customer support queries but their effectiveness is limited. While they handle straightforward requests for data efficiently, when questions are unusually phrased, complex or grammatically incorrect, the technology’s limitations come to light. ChatGTP, on the other hand, can detect nuance and special circumstances in a question and craft an individual response to each query that addresses a specific issue. They’re not infallible, but they do learn and improve their accuracy over time.

Business communication - Time-intensive emails can be generated by ChatGPT too. By providing the system key elements of the desired communication, it can craft a well-articulated email. To help it sound more authentically like your brand, you can "train" it with your own wording and writing styles.

Content creation - The writing duties for a business can be intensive! There’s website copy, product and service descriptions and marketing copy just to name the major ones. ChatGPT can do that as well - not only in grammatically correct and well-formed sentences, but with engaging wording tailored to attract your ideal customers and using keywords to attract search engines. Even if you don’t care to have ChatGPT do all the heavy lifting, it can provide you with a draft to work from and customize, rather than wasting time staring at an empty screen.

In these three areas of business where words are king, ChatGPT seems to be a godsend; a machine to take at least some of the job of writing off your hands, freeing you up to take on other duties in your business. Some people are wary of this technology that can so accurately mimic the tone of human writing, fearing that it will replace writers’ and copywriters’ jobs. Maybe it will, but consider how, like how ChatGPT can release business owners from the burden of writing, it can afford writers the opportunity to take on new roles with their talents.

If you find attending to the writing for your business a burden on your time or budget - and you trust the technology - ChatGPT may be a good tool to help you conquer the burden of business writing. Start off using it conservatively and see if and how it helps lighten or simplify the load.

Could ChatGPT help with your business’ writing burden?

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