The Hidden Importance of Employee Social Media Post

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The Hidden Importance of Employee Social Media Post

The Hidden Importance of Employee Social Media Post

If you’re at all close to your neighbors, you probably know how they feel about their jobs and their employers – especially if they either love their work or hate their employers.

Today our “neighbors” extend to our social media circles and if your social media contacts have either wonderful or terrible feelings about their employers, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about it.

This fact alone underscores the importance of developing and maintaining excellent employee relations, but there are more specific – and less well known – statistics that increase the importance of staying on the good side of your employees’ social media posts.

Alex Bourgeois discussed this topic in a Wersm blog. One of the points he made should be fully understood and taken to heart by every business owner and manager.

Your company’s social media accounts don’t overlap with those of your employees. According to a study, there’s only 2-8 percent crossover between followers of your social media marketing and those who follow your employees.

This means if they bad mouth you, that is all they’ll know about you – they never see your positive social media posts. I’m sure you have seen some of your friends (it might even be you) who have vented about their bosses via their social media accounts. There have even been cases of employees “live tweeting” bad work situations, such as when a layoff is occurring, or bad news is being announced.

In difficult situations like these, it’s hard to prevent employees from making negative comments; however, those types of situations should be few and far between. You need to stay close enough to your team so you know when supervisors are rubbing people the wrong way or when other things are happening that might result in negative social media comments on personal accounts.

However, there’s a big positive side to this lack of overlap. If your employees make glowing comments about your company, that greatly extends your social media reach!

We have all heard about companies and celebrities “buying” social media followers. It’s a total waste of money. But, gaining exposure to individuals via the social media accounts of your employees is a huge plus. These are real people who already have a positive relationship with your employees and thus, by extension, will have the beginnings of a positive relationship with you.

Now here’s the challenge: How do you encourage positive personal social media posts by your employees. Requiring and then checking accounts for these posts would totally defeat the purpose and end up damaging employee morale, which is exactly the opposite of what you want to accomplish.

Here’s what I suggest: Regularly share this information with your team. Let them know that when they’re able to share positive news about your company, its service, its product, or their fellow team members, it benefits the company and in turn, benefits them. It makes everyone’s job more secure and additional financial benefits more likely.

Once they understand how this works, I think you’ll find many who will gladly make positive social media posts about your company. Finally, if there are problems keeping people from making positive posts, encourage your team to tell you about them.