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Small Business News

Small Business News
1. Amazon Spark Launched (08/17/2017)
Online retailer giant Amazon just found another way to make it easier for people to part ways with their money. The company has ventured into the world of social media with Amazon Spark, which was launched last July.

2. NAFTA Proposal’s Affect on Online Sales (08/16/2017)
With the renegotiations of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) almost at hand, various groups within the three members of the trading block– Canada, Mexico, and the United States– are already busy lobbying their diverging positions on anticipated issues to be discussed.

3. Latest Worldwide Social Media User Count (08/15/2017)
The world is indeed getting more connected whether you like it or not. Latest data show that almost half of the world’s population are actively logging into the social media platform of their choice.

4. New Microsoft Outlook Launched (08/11/2017)
On Tuesday, Microsoft launched its new beta, which sports a new design and comes packed with new features users might find useful.

5. Increase in Small Business Optimism (08/09/2017)
Since the start of the Trump administration, there has been a noted increase in optimism among small business owners regarding their future prospects. In fact, data from both Gallup and the US Chamber of Commerce confirm that U.

6. Send Money in Middle of a Skype Chat (08/08/2017)
With the new Skype Send Money feature in place, the “I’m on the phone” excuse for not paying someone quickly becomes obsolete. The popular online messaging app just entered into a partnership with PayPal making it possible for people to send money to each other even in the middle of a chat.

7. 5 of the Best Instagram Analytics Tools for Online Marketers (08/02/2017)
Contrary to popular notion, Instagram is not all about celebrities, food, fashion, dogs and cats, or homes and gardens. It’s also a great way for brands and businesses to engage with their target market and close sales.

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