Archive of Agriculture Articles

Archive of Agriculture Articles
Agriculture Chris Ambrose is an attorney and the owner of Harvest Legal in Emporia, Kansas. His practice consists primarily of agriculture, business, estate planning, and elder law planning. In addition, Chris works to stay on the bleeding edge of developments and advances in the legal services industry, especially when they pertain to small legal practices.
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  • Climate Smart Agriculture
    Climate smart agriculture was created to establish food security with the changing climate, ecological concerns, and by having the tools to overcome it.... more
  • Water and Agriculture – A Tense Future
    Water use has always been a controversial subject where it is not available in excess. Long-term solutions need to be developed and utilized.... more
  • Retail Agriculture and How it May Improve Your Agribusiness
    Retail agriculture is the process of expanding your agribusiness in a way so that your agribusiness can directly interact with consumers through the sale of products, instead of going through a larger supply chain with outside sales.... more
  • Temporary Worker Visa Changes and Agriculture
    This article discusses the possibility of changes with the H-2A visa program for migrant agriculture workers, now that Donald Trump is going to be the President of the United States.... more
  • DMCA and Repairing Your Own Equipment
    The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA, has been utilized to protect proprietary computer code used in farm implements. It locks the systems down, preventing any repairs outside of the dealer repair network.... more
  • 2016 Elections and Agribusiness
    The 2016 political season was full of interesting news for agriculture, but the next administration appears to be putting the right foot forward on helping agriculture into the future. Only time will tell.... more
Second QTR
  • USDA/FDA Livestock Changes
    Examining the 2017 updates to the Veterinary Feed Directive rule under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the new USDA Organic Animal-Welfare Standards rule.... more
  • Agriculture Land and the Sporting Lease
    If you are an agriculture producer, you may be interested in a new cash flow opportunity. Through sporting leases, you can earn cash through a renewable resource.... more
  • Big Ag Consolidation
    Consolidation in major agriculture just keeps growing every year. However, it might change with the new presidency of Donald Trump.... more
  • The Long-Term Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture in the United...
    Congress needs to address the climate change issues that are affecting our agricultural economy.... more
  • Agribusiness Drone Technology
    The future of agribusiness is one in which drone technology will be widely used in order to save time and maximize profits.... more
  • The Long-Term Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture in the United...
    Congress needs to address the climate change issues that are affecting our agricultural economy.... more
Third QTR
  • Implement Sales and Commodity Prices
    The affects of buying/selling used equipment has played a major role in the downturn of the manufacturing industry.... more
Fourth QTR
Year 2016
First QTR
  • Precision Agriculture Basics
    As GPS and drone technology advances, their applications continue to expand. If you own an agribusiness, you should check out precision agriculture. Utilize advancing technologies to improve your production and profit.... more
  • Effect of El Nino on Agriculture
    El Nino cycles are a phase of a climate cycle which occurs irregularly between every two and seven years which can affect agriculture.... more
  • China's Impact on US Agriculture Regarding Imports
    Most people know China is facing critical economic issues and it has impacted the world's economy. American agri-business needs to be especially concerned and we will tell you why.... more
  • Tax Law Changes and Concerns
    As we enter 2016, the American agricultural world appears to have benefited from Congressional tax actions. Let's examine a few key areas.... more
  • Legislative/Administrative Update
    It is time to take a look at some late 2015 Congressional actions that will impact American agriculture.... more
Second QTR
  • Food Labeling
    When selling items at the farmer's markets, be sure to follow any food labeling requirements coinciding with your products and your state.... more
  • Aging Farm Populations and the Future
    The average age of farmers in US agriculture has increased nearly 8 years in the past twenty years. Some may look at this as a downfall, but it may not be as bad as people may think.... more
  • Marketplace Consolidation and the Effect on Agribusiness
    Agribusinesses and producers find themselves susceptible to the same marketplace consolidation happening all around. Small agribusinesses may find it more difficult to compete with growing implement companies and established giants in the field as the cost of technological advances increases and the... more
Third QTR
  • The Billion Dollar Pest: Managing Corn Rootworm
    An infestation of corn rootworm can devastate fields and farm income. If you discover you have a critical corn rootworm infestation, then you should immediately contact your local agent and pesticide rep to evaluate which product will give you the best immediate results.... more
  • Integrating Precision Ag into Your Agribusiness Operation
    From monitoring water and fertilizer levels to feeding schedules. Precision agriculture can help turn you agribusiness into a finely tuned machine boosting yield and reducing waste.... more
  • Food Security Policy
    What does food security even mean and how do food security policy concerns find their way into your agribusiness? Food security is the integration of homeland security and national defense concerns in the development and production of the food supply domestically.... more
  • Safe Food Labeling Act and GMO Labeling
    Currently there are no requirements for foods that utilize GMO crops to disclose this to the end consumer. The Safe Food Labeling Act is trying to create a national standard about the labeling of GMO foods.... more
  • Food Safety Modernization Act Update
    The Food Safety Modernization Act, passed by Congress and signed into law in 2011, is the largest change in the food safety statutory and regulatory scheme in decades in the United States. It focuses on preventing food contamination, not just trying to fix it.... more
Fourth QTR
  • Fall 2016 Harvest Update
    Bountiful harvests offset current depressed crop prices allowing producers to meet or exceed projected revenues.... more
  • Incorporating Alternative Energy Into Your Agribusiness
    Alternative energy will only become more widespread as time goes on, especially in a land-rich industry like agribusiness.... more
  • Agribusiness Article: Effects of Ethanol on Grain Pricing
    A common complaint that you get from many in the agribusiness sector about ethanol is the effect that ethanol has on grain pricing.... more
  • The Effect of US Exports on the Ag Economy
    US agriculture exports is big business not to be ignored. However, with opposition to free trade and the strength of the US dollar, agribusinesses and the US economy will see losses across the board.... more