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Payrolls Continue To Rise, Wages Growing By Most In A Decade. (11/06/2018)

Reuters (10/31, Mutikani) said the ADP national employment report shows that “US private sector payrolls increased by the most in eight months in October.” According to Reuters, “The strong jobs market is gradually putting upward pressure on compensation, with other data on Wednesday showing a solid increase in labor costs in the third quarter.” Reuters added that the Labor Department’s Employment Cost Index report “showed wages and salaries, which account for 70 percent of employment costs, jumped 0.9 percent in the third quarter after climbing 0.5 percent in the prior period.”

Business Climate

Wall Street Journal Analyzes Potential Impact Of Midterms On Economic Policy. (11/06/2018)

The Wall Street Journal (11/4, Dawson, Subscription Publication) examined how the results of this week’s elections could affect federal policy on a range of issues including agriculture, deregulation, infrastructure, taxes, and trade. The Journal wrote that Democratic House control would inhibit Trump Administration efforts in these areas, and would also result in stepped-up oversight of business and industries including energy and finance.

Small Business Marketing

T-Mobile Launches Business Help Desk For Small Business Customers. (11/06/2018)

eWeek (11/3, Rash) reported T-Mobile is offering a new service, called T-Mobile for Business Help Desk, which offers IT support “for T-Mobile business customers with T-Mobile One voice service.” T-Mobile “staff can help with most routine business problems, including help with configuration and installation and dealing with unexpected errors including problems with antivirus software.” T-Mobile SVP Mike Katz said, “We started this with the customer groups that we felt had the greatest need for this service. ... We wanted a service that allows them to keep running their business.”

Wages and Benefits

Kudlow Says He Opposes Federal Minimum Wage And Attempts To Raise It. (11/06/2018)

The Washington Post (11/1, Stein) reported that NEC Director Larry Kudlow said he “opposes the federal minimum wage, arguing that the decades-old law is a ‘terrible idea’ that drives up costs for small businesses across the country,” and “said that he would oppose any attempt to work with Democrats in Congress to lift the federal minimum wage should the party take back the House or Senate in the 2018 midterm elections.” According to the Post, Kudlow “appeared to also oppose minimum wages at the state and local levels, citing conservative arguments that it constrains business growth by adding to their costs. But he said the federal government shouldn’t interfere.” The Hill (11/1, Elis) reported, meanwhile, that “Democrats have pushed for increasing the federal minimum wage to as much as $15 an hour, over double its current rate of $7.25.”