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Using Audio for Social Media Marketing

Using Audio for Social Media Marketing

Audio seems to be making a comeback on social media, but it never really left. Between Twitter adding audio tweets, Instagram allowing you to upload original audio to their new Reels feature, and the startup audio “community” Clubhouse, not to mention podcasts, digital audio marketing is worth exploring.

Why audio? Some reasons why you might want to consider creating audio content for your social media marketing campaigns include:

  1. Portability – With MP3 players built right into smartphones, customers and prospects can access and carry your audio content from anywhere at any time.
  2. Flexibility – Audio files can be posted to some social networks on their own or can be added to still and animated images or used as a soundtrack to a montage of images.
  3. Easier to Produce – Audio is typically easier to record and edit than video, requiring less equipment (no need to worry about lighting).
  4. Shareability – Audio hosting platforms such as Soundcloud or Podbean give you easy-to-use social sharing tools.

What do you need to record quality audio for social media?

You can use something as basic as the voice memo app on your smartphone or use an app specifically for recording podcasts such as:

  1. Skype – Skype lets you record Skype to Skype audio calls (and video ones).
  2. Zencastr – This app lets multiple people being recorded to log in individually, and each voice is captured on a separate track – a helpful feature when editing the audio.
  3. Zoom – While this app is known for producing and recording video meetings and webinars, it also provides an audio file along with the video that you can edit, cut into segments, and repurpose.
  4. – A popular app that lets you record, host, promote and even monetize podcasts if you plan on producing a regular “show.”

The audio you produce can take many forms including a narration or storytelling, explaining something, sharing news, interviewing someone, providing tips to showcase expertise, and more.

Can you build community using audio? The startup, Clubhouse, is proving that people are willing to set up “clubs” or host rooms where everyone communicates solely with voice. Think of Clubhouse like a virtual space that takes the typical conference call or party line to a new level. Clubs and rooms are theme-based and cover topics such as health, money, travel and business. Rooms can be Public, Social meaning only open to your direct connections on Clubhouse, and Closed rooms for invite-only admittance. Although audio recordings are discouraged on the platform, with permission from all participants, these conversations can be recorded.

Why would you want to participate on Clubhouse? The same reasons you use any social network, Clubhouse gives you a platform to produce content in the form of a moderated discussion, class, workshop, panel or event. Because it is entirely audio-based, hosting a room is easy and simply requires an iPhone and the Clubhouse app (an Android version was not available in early 2021).

While it remains to be seen if Clubhouse will be around in the long run, its rapid growth is proving that people want to talk and also listen to conversations. With the continued popularity of podcasts, audio should not be overlooked as a way to reach and connect with customers and prospects.

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