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Small Business Optimism Sees Gains In October (11/12/2019)

The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index saw a 0.6 point gain in October, with a 102.4 reading “buoyed by eight of the 10 Index components advancing, as talk of a recession waned.” The Uncertainty Index “declined 4 points but remains historically high heading into an election year.” NFIB President and CEO Juanita Duggan was quoted saying, “A continued focus on a recession by policymakers, talking heads, and the media clearly caused some consternation among small businesses in previous months, but after shifting their focus to other topics, it’s become clear that owners are not experiencing the predicted turmoil. ... Small business owners are continuing to create jobs, raise wages, and grow their businesses, thanks to tax cuts and deregulation, and nothing is stopping them except for finding qualified workers.”

Business Climate

Harned: Supreme Court Must Act To Reduce Threat Of Small Business Red Tape (11/12/2019)

Karen R. Harned, executive director of the NFIB Small Business Legal Center, writes in Real Clear Politics (11/5) about two Supreme Court cases that “can either subject millions of job creators to reams of red tape and costly lawsuits, or they can reach the right decisions, keeping the engine of the American economy running at full steam.” In Maui, Hawaii v. Hawaii Wildlife Fund, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals “radically” reinterpreted the Clean Water Act to cover “activities that might affect the environment indirectly through underground aquifers,” and if this stands, “ranchers, farmers, energy prospectors, and other companies operating in completely dry areas will suffer the consequences of over-regulation.” In the other case, Comcast Corp. v. The National Association of African American Owned Media, the Ninth Circuit “ruled that businesses can be sued for racial discrimination – even if such discrimination wasn’t the motivating factor in their actions,” which “threatens small businesses with frivolous lawsuits.”

Small Business Marketing

Small Business Saturday Discussed (11/12/2019)

WVNews (11/6) reported, “Main Streets across the nation are preparing for Small Business Saturday. A holiday tradition since 2010, Small Business Saturday is the day set aside to support independently owned retailers. This nationwide movement, which gives small businesses a chance to compete with large retailers and online merchants during the holiday shopping bustle, is wedged between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.” The article added, “It also gives all of us a chance to recognize the many reasons to support our local hometown merchants.”

Wages and Benefits

Analysis Considers Disputes Over Costs Of “Medicare For All” (11/12/2019)

A New York Times (11/9, Qiu) analysis said that as Since Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) “drove the idea of ‘Medicare for all,’ or a single-payer health system, to the center of the political debate, few other issues have so divided the Democratic presidential candidates and voters.” According to the Times, the result “has been a cascade of competing assertions, estimates and statistics about the costs and effects of what would amount to a fundamental overhaul of the size and role of the government and the way Americans receive care.”